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Southeast Asia Focus

We are long-term residents and investors in Southeast Asia. We grew up here, our social and professional networks are here, and we hope to grow old here.

When we first started our careers here in the mid to late 90s, we saw how over-leveraged companies were brought to their knees when the Asian financial crisis struck. Then, over the years we saw how local and global events could have profound impacts on the growth trajectory of Southeast Asian nations and companies.

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Lower Mid Market Focus

Good businesses are never short of funding options. However, at the smaller end, funding from traditional banking sources may be restrictive or inflexible.

We bring with us experiences and knowledge that we believe go beyond capital. We expect to play a role in the growth of the companies we invest in. Yet, the role can vary depending on where our partners and we believe will be most impactful.

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Partnership Driven

Driving acquisition and industry consolidation to create more competitive businesses
Succession and transition to professional management
Creation of incentives framework, and value realization for management
Technology implementation to improve productivity and reduce costs
Corporate and capital structure improvements
Improving brand and product positioning, driving higher price realization

We are an award winning South East Asia Focused private equity firm, investing in lower mid-market space. Owned and managed by Southeast Asian professionals with multi-year track record of successful investments. We are the private equity arm of Dymon Asia Capital

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