Spritzer wins national, regional energy efficient accolades


KUALA LUMPUR: Spritzer Bhd has bagged “Energy-Efficient Building” accolades on local and regional levels for its automated storage and retrieval system (ASRS).

On the national level, Spritzer competed with 114 other nominees in the sub category of zero-energy building at the National Energy Awards (NEA).

Regionally at the 2023 Asean Energy Awards (AEA) hosted by the Asean Centre for Energy (ACE) in Bali, Indonesia, Spritzer represented the country showcasing its strength in warehouse system.

Spritzer’s warehouse was the first building in the Green Building Index (GBI) with a negative Building Energy Index (BEI) attributed to excess solar energy generation.

In a statement, the company said the automated warehouse system located in its main plant in Taiping, Perak reflects its journey towards innovation and sustainability

“This system operates entirely on energy derived from solar and other renewable sources, bypassing the need for conventional energy inputs,” said group chief executive officer Kenny Lim.

“The company is proud to be named as one of the the recipients of the prestigious Energy-efficient Building Award presented by ACE and NEA.

“Our ASRS warehouse serves as a certified testament to the principles of green building. With unwavering commitment, we champion the cause of sustainable energy practices and remain firmly dedicated to our ambitious goal of attaining net-zero emissions by the year 2030,” Lim added.



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