Etika expands it business portfolio


KUALA LUMPUR: Etika Sdn Bhd (Etika) announced the expansion of it business portfolio after acquiring Advend Systems Pte Ltd. (Advend Systems), headquartered in Singapore.

Advend Systems is a leading operator, refurbisher of vending machines and systems solution provider for the vending industry.

This acquisition includes its vending businesses in Malaysia and Singapore operating under the name Atlas Vending.

Etika Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei chief executive officer Khalid Alvi said following the acquisition of Atlas Vending, Etika is now able to be present in a larger number of vending machines, making it the number one beverage company with vending machine presence in the country.“With this acquisition, Etika is now the number one player in vending with more than 10,000 vending machines across Malaysia.

“We will be able to vend hot beverages as well as confectionery products, following the completion of this acquisition,” said Khalid.

He also said Etika are constantly on the lookout for new ways to innovate its offerings for the consumers.

“Etika’s acquisition of Atlas Vending provides a major growth opportunity for us as we provide increased convenience to our consumers who can now access their favourite beverages, in many more locations,” he added.

Etika said with the acquisition of Atlas Vending, it will be able to offer consumers a great number of options to purchase and consume their favourite products.

“Atlas Vending machines come in various formats and some are equipped with proprietary telemetry technology that eases everyday operations such as stocking machines, inventory management, operating status, and stock levels, that reduce machine down-time and stock out situations,” it said.