Keith Tan appointed to the Board of The Singapore Hokkien Huay Kuan


The Singapore Hokkien Huay Kuan announced the list of its 45th board of directors on Friday (June 28). Cai Qisheng was re-elected as president, and the youth group, which was originally under the membership affairs group, also officially joined the board of directors.

In an interview with Lianhe Zaobao, Cai Qisheng said that a major feature of this board of directors is the addition of a youth group in addition to the original seven groups, namely the general affairs group, finance group, education group, industry group, culture group, social services group and membership affairs group.

He said that this reform was based on the popular feedback received when the 44th Council held a brainstorming camp in 2023. “The Youth League of the Association was originally under the Membership Affairs Group. At the brainstorming camp, the Youth League Executive Committee suggested that the Council formally set up a Youth Group to encourage Fujian youth to participate in association activities and strengthen their identification with the local Fujian community, the Chinese community and the country.”


The 45th board of directors will be officially inaugurated on July 26, with a total of 38 directors, including former president Chen Jingyi. Cai Qisheng said that five members will serve as directors for the first time in this election. “They are all in their early 40s, have made great achievements in their respective fields, and are also actively serving the community.”

The five people are Huang Zhiyong, deputy director of the social service group, Ye Guoqing, director of the youth group, Huang Zihan, deputy director, and Keith Tan and Sun Yongquan, directors. This also means that five directors of the previous board of directors have resigned. Cai Qisheng said that according to the regulations, people over 72 years old cannot participate in the election, and he hopes that this mechanism can promote the renewal of the association.

The Fujian Association will celebrate its 185th anniversary in 2025, and the new board will plan related celebration activities and the Fujian Cultural Festival. The board will also be committed to developing educational undertakings including the six affiliated schools and the Fujian Association Cultural College, inheriting and promoting local Chinese and Fujian culture, and vigorously supporting social welfare and charity projects.

Cai Qisheng said that the 185th anniversary of the clan association coincides with the 60th anniversary of Singapore’s independence. The clan association’s 195-year-old Kim Lan Temple is believed to be completed in 2025 for restoration.