Amara Holdings appoints Dawn Teo as its COO


Amara Holdings has appointed Teo Shao-Lynn, Dawn, as its chief operating officer (COO).

Dawn is the daughter of Teo Hock Chuan, the director, CEO and substantial shareholder of Amara Holdings . She is also the niece of Teo Chew Chuan, another substantial shareholder of the group; Teo Geok Tin and Lawrence Mok Kwok Wah, directors of Amara Holdings; as well as Teo Kwee Chuan and Teo Siew Bee, executive officers of Amara Holdings.

Dawn currently serves as the alternate director of the elder Teo, her father.

On Nov 14, 2023, CEO Teo, through Amethyst Assets, made a final cash offer of 60 cents to Amara’s shareholders. The offer was unconditional with the intention of delisting the company from the Singapore Exchange S68 0.32% Securities Trading Limited (SGX-ST).

As at the close of its offer on Jan 16, the offerors held a total number of 508.2 million shares or 88.39% of the total number of shares in Amara.